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\\\\\\\\\\  CUSTOM PROCESS  \\\\\\\\\\

Step 1/Determine the Style  Choose the production process, provide artwork, we recommend the right craft material for you.

Step 2/Quote  Quote according to material, quantity, size, process, etc.  Product Price = mold fee +Price * number 

Step 3/Order  Agree to the above quotation, please place an order to start the follow-up work.

Step 4/Design  Design and modify to your satisfaction as required

* Step 5/Production  Designed in strict accordance with your requirements, and ensure the quality of production

* Step 6/Shipping  The shipping period is generally 10-12 days, which can provide expedited and strictly complete each process.  


\\\\\\\\\\  REGULAR SIZE  \\\\\\\\\\ 

  Can be customized for all sizes, welcome to consult!



\\\\\\\\\\  PARTIAL SHAPE SELECTION  \\\\\\\\\\

We can produce a variety of products you provide, not limited to the samples we show.


\\\\\\\\\\  THE TECHNOLOGY  \\\\\\\\\\


ONE/ The Stamping Process


It is expressed by a strong convex and concave feeling. The surface can be plated with various colors such as gold and silver. The concave part can be processed into a matte effect, which is suitable for various medals, medals, etc.

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TWO/ The Baking Process


The surface has obvious unevenness, bright colors, clear lines and light texture, strong metal texture, suitable for the customization of some high-end badges, suitable for company badges, team badges and collection badges, etc.

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THREE/ Die Casting Process


The three-dimensional mold is die-casted, and it can be equipped with baking varnish, imitation enamel and other craft-casting badges. It is a strong sense of badge, good stereo performance, suitable for company badges, team badges and collection badges.

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  Stamping Process    VS    Die Casting Process  

< Stamping Process           Die Casting Process >


 The stamping process is lower than the cost of die casting, which is suitable for customers who are looking for cost performance.

The die-casting process is more three-dimensional, with a clear layering, suitable for customers seeking results.

 FOUR/ Enamel Process

The surface of the imitation badge is smooth and delicate, and it is a metal grinding machine based on the baking process.
The flat surface is smooth, can be electroplated, and filled with various colors. Suitable for company badges, team badges, collection badges, etc.

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  Baking Process      VS      Enamel Process  

< Baking Paint Process          Enamel Process>          


The difference between the baking process and the imitation process is that the paint has a concave and convex feeling, the color is concave, and the metal is raised.
The imitation is that the color is smooth and smooth with the metal, and the color is brighter than the paint.

FIVE/ Epoxy Process


The Epoxy process is divided into baking varnish and sticker Epoxy. The sticker Epoxy can be printed. The complex color of the pattern has a gradient effect badge. The lacquer Epoxy badge can't be gradient. It is suitable for company badges, team badges and collection badges.

Paint Epoxy (not gradient)


Sticker Epoxy (can be gradient)



\\\\\\\\\\  EFFECT OBJECT  \\\\\\\\\\


\\\\\\\\\\  MEDAL  MEDALS  \\\\\\\\\\ 


 \\\\\\\\\\   THE  ACCESSORIES  \\\\\\\\\\


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